Visual Notes

With Visual Notes live visual content is created at diverse events: ranging from small brainstorm sessions to business gatherings. Live and on the spot, a visual report is being made, which will be ready to present before the closing words are spoken and the thank-you’s are made. This way of ‘visual harvesting’​ functions as a bonding wrap-up on the day itself, as well as a strong medium to carry out an event’s message after the day has passed. The examples below are results of several illustration sessions at various companies.

eye beholderinhoud passende zorg lichtere zorg mantelzorg institutionalisering verbinding
nanotechnologie bescherming en bevordering kleine dingen repareren modulair bouweneye ball praten over zorg rugzakje thuisonderwijs dienst of bedrijf roerloos contact maken dialoogfase gezond op school grijs verzuim hoe te zorgenwhat's in a nameluisteren in crisisituatiescollectieve domoticaeilandjes van ggd
de weg is het doeldraaiphone 5s

Illustrations above were commissioned through Cre-Aid.

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